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Jessie Mae Foundation

Creating a Better Community Through The Community

Create a safer environment for our communities through mentorship and empowerment of our youths.

Change the volatile climate of our cities with an honest commitment to our youths who persevere through the most adversity.

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Our Roots

Jessie Mae Foundation (JMF) (Nonprofit) exists to bring mentorship and empowerment to our inner-city youths and adolescents who are also fighting through different diseases and illnesses. Our mission is to bring change in to the violence by starting with the grassroots of our communities. These children are our most marginalized citizens and we work diligently to provide unconditional, unequivocal, and unadulterated emotional support and guidance for everything their lives endure.

We understand that these children have ideas of their own that will inspire everyday citizens in our cities to create a safer home for everyone. JMF will work with MedStar, Georgetown University Hospital, and others to show our future leaders that they aren’t forgotten or ever alone and that they are supported in any endeavor or struggle they may encounter and loved beyond measure.

We will conduct special events with the sole intention of simply expressing our support in their fight to overcome their illnesses. JMF is also committed to working with our young fighters within the inner-cites of Washington D.C. to Baltimore, Maryland by listening to their personal beliefs in creating a stronger and safer community and include them in ideas of our own.

We will refine their ideas, when needed, and provide a platform to bring their own ideas to life and be the power behind their voices. We value the desires our youths and believe that their belief in bringing the community closer together to build a safer society is equally as important as their adult counterparts.

We believe that working with the children who fight through the most adversity will create an impact with their contemporaries when they see their peers persevering through improbable odds and still remain on the positive side of decision making.  

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We strive to use our personal life experiences to create a strong bond on common ground with all of our youths. With this bond, our focus is to use our actions to establish a firm foundation in perseverance and self-awareness of their own excellence beyond circumstance. Furthermore, we will use this energy to help our youths remain or return to positive paths that will encourage their friends to do the same – thus allowing the youth to uplift each other.


JMF is committed to making sure that their voices are heard and visions are brought to life in order to help unite our communities. We provide a stable platform for them to be the idea behind our actions or allow them to feel included in our own pushes to bring violence to an end. Our young heroes inspire us to persevere through every form of adversity and we want to make sure they feel supported and valued in every way we can manage. We will continue to support and create initiatives that show our children that their daily fight for a better life is paramount to us.



You can find our potential initiatives posted and updated on our blog. Currently, our biggest items will specifically empower our young and adolescent girls within the overall focus of our foundation. While we aim to provide support, mentorship, and empowerment to all of our children, we recognize that the young ladies within the inner-city experience further measures of marginalization. We will dedicate additional time to ensure they are equally empowered and supported as women and other respective identities, regardless of the illnesses they continue to dominate.

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"Doing What We Can With What We Possess"

Jessie Mae Foundation

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Get in touch with Jessie Mae Foundation to learn more about our work and how you can get involved.


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