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Jessie Mae Foundation + Boys & Girls Club Block Party

**Jessie Mae Foundation + Boys & Girls Club Block Party** You heard that correctly. I connected with the Boys & Girls Club of Greater D.C. and we have a lot of things cooking and first up is a block party for their Benning Road location. We're talking about free food, music, activities for kids, YES LAWD, we're talking any and everything to give kids somewhere free and safe to visit and a place their actually excited to go. We're breaking down barriers and bringing the city together by neighborhood and then we're headed BACK to Baltimore to do the same thing. Be part of the change. It can be intimidating but being part of it is easy. Spending time with kids is free and donations are definitely appreciated on every level because it gives us even more reach and a stronger voice. Visit the page below or donate right here to our paypal. I'd love to see any of your beautiful souls at this event for as little or as long as you're willing to be around. Don't feel obligated to give in order to visit, bonds between people are FREE. It's love. JMF does not profit off of anything, it's literally all money in and all money out to the families. We're the NPO that doesn't pocket a penny - we do it out of love because you all taught us to be that way. There aren't any tricks, whenever you see something JMF contributed, our portion will be 100% free. #JMF #ToExcellence #iLoveUs Be involved - be the change. Donate: Click the "donate" link to get to the foundation's paypal.

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