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The Family: Meet the Team


Executive Director

As a native of the D.C., Maryland, and Virginia metropolitan area, I possess an organic desire to want the best environment for our children. I’m currently working on the completion of my undergraduate degree in psychology with a focus to earn my medical doctorate in psychiatry. Although I started my Active Duty military service with the Army in 2007 and Reserve service in 2015, I don’t want the Veteran status of myself or my partners to overshadow the attention desired for the children and fostering a safer environment for our future Presidents, Congresspersons, physicists, lawyers, or any other professional, parent, and generally good people. Given my desire to maintain complete transparency for the sake of trust within the community, I wouldn’t hide the duty in which I proudly serve.

My commitment is to work with our most marginalized children to allow them to feel their full importance and strength as a citizen of their community. We’re not an organization that is only holiday-based and we will commit to events throughout the year to establish trust within the children and their families and show that we genuinely care about their struggles and continued success in persevering. I believe that through commitment, trust, and consistency, our work will assist in helping to bring our youths that need guidance back to or remain on positive routes.

Through mentorship, my team’s commitment to living as examples, and sharing our own life experiences as people from identical social economic backgrounds, our young leaders will become the beacons that show their contemporaries that no matter the circumstances or system that they are no less important than anyone else. Our future leaders will show everyone that they refuse to fall victim to society and that they can be the voices and actors to bring the change that fosters our great minds of today and the future.

I believe with every ounce of my soul that all of them deserve the best opportunity to be whatever positive light they choose to pursue in this life. We will always do the best we can with what we possess, when we can do them.


Hailing from a small town in Southwest Georgia, I grew up learning the importance of community. I believe that it does take a community to raise a child and you must be the change that you want to see in your community. Along with others, I strive to continue to give back not only to my community, but to my country. I joined the United States Army in 2007 and served multiple combat deployments. It is also where I met Isaiah.  After finishing my term of service, I began to pursue an education. I received my Bachelor of Arts in Psychology with a focus on childhood development from Fort Valley State University. I will further my education by pursuing a Master of Science in Social Work. I have volunteered my time within numerous organizations and resources to directed towards helping others.  I believe that if you want to change the future then it starts with inspiring, guiding and helping children.

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The Family: Meet the Team
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